Stop and …

Stop and smell the roses.

Well, that advice works in the summer and early fall. It’s a little more difficult to take literally in December. Shall we substitute? Press “Pause”

This month can get hectic. In some businesses — retail and health care — the workload increases overnight. Weather influences others — giving spikes of business and uncertain work hours. And then there are expectations to handle.

Have a Christmas card holiday. You know the sort. Perfectly decorated tree. Cookies iced with clever designs. Gifts wrapped with professional quality bows.

And then there’s reality. The tree is decorated — with an eclectic mix of colors, sizes, and quality of ornaments. The cookies are– well — we didn’t burn ALL of them. Wrapping? I’ll get to it when I can find both tape and scissors on the same day.

So…draw a deep breath. Set down any sharp implement in your hand. It’s time to take a pause, and while I doubt you can step outside and smell a rose (unless you live in a way different state than I do), follow the spirit of the advice.

In this case — pause and find beauty in snow on holly.

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