Shop Small

Shopping season in America is in full swing this month. (I’d say this week, but I know the males in my family wait until at least December 22.)

The year round stores are advertising to get in across the threshold. Seasonal kiosks pop up at the mall. Local shops put up extra signage or entice you with seasonal “extras.”

And then there are the charitable organizations that host events for local artists and crafters. Consider taking your mental, or physical, shopping list to one of these. You never know what you’ll find.

They are a great venue to find seasonal decor. Candles and soaps in all sizes and scents make great gifts. Looking for jewelry? This is the place for one-of-a-kind. Quilted goods are over there. And the hand knit baby sweaters are next to the crocheted shawls. Candies — we got them. Dip and soup mixes are over by the custom address signs. And you might even find…

books for sale. Autograph and hand shake are free!

So take a peek at your local paper and browse through a local, seasonal craft show. You’ll be supporting talented neighbors.