Travel Season

Home for the holidays. You hear the phrase in the seasonal music. It’s a common question in the workplace and between neighbors.

While I enjoy traveling — regular readers of this blog are familiar with my reports on short and long trips — I’ve never been one to do it at this time of the year.

Why? You ask.

It’s a multitude of little things. I grew up in Wisconsin where weather influences winter travel. We lived on a farm — cows don’t take vacation and require hiring someone to care for them while the owner is gone. My father worked for the post office — December is their busiest month.

When I moved away from home the habit continued. Visits were planned for spring, summer, or fall when the weather was more cooperative. Vacation from my health care employers needed to be arranged in advance — and some years was limited. Distances were great at times.

At the same time I remain at (or close) to home during the holidays, I admire families that make the effort and take the time to visit each other. They have chosen to strengthen bonds and create new traditions centered around a specific holiday. And that can be the source of many memories and much laughter.

The fellow in today’s photo is traveling. South. Toward warmer weather.