One Large Attraction

Some say “Bigger is better.” Others dispute that with “The best things come in small packages.”

Today I’m going to highlight a St. Louis resident who is on the large side — by physical size and popularity. He achieved the popularity on the day he was born – 25 1/2 years ago. And while it was a large baby, it took him years to reach his current, adult stature.

His early birthday parties were celebrated in style. And popular with local TV stations as well as St. Louis children young and old.

He’s a father of four daughters now. And he appears to take it all in stride.

Meet Raja – one of several (and the largest) of the “favorite sons” at the St. Louis Zoo. Be sure to stop in and visit with him and the rest of the herd the next time your travels bring you here.

Admission is free. There is a charge to park.

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