My Library Shelf – X

We’re getting near the end of the English alphabet, and some of the final letters were not popular on my bookshelf. Now is a good time to admit that I have reached the first of two which I had to purchase near the beginning of this project. While not plentiful — I did find one — and it was GOOD.

XO by Jeffery Deaver

This is a thriller. One of a series featuring California Bureau of Investigation agent Kathryn Dance.

Welcome to the world of a successful pop singer who has attracted an obsessed fan who will stop at NOTHING to get what he wants. Add a manager/father living dreams through his daughter and a friend who happens to be in law enforcement. I found myself absorbed in the story, turning pages, and telling myself “one more chapter”.

Don’t neglect the less popular letters at the beginning of a title.

Libraries with a wide selection of mystery and thrillers should have this available. It may also be purchased on-line or ordered from your favorite bookstore.