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Today’s selection takes us back in time. We go all the way back to 900-1000 A.D.

West Viking

The Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America

By: Farley Mowat

First the saga. Or rather, the portion which is explored in detail in the ensuing chapter. Then we have the expounding in 20th century language.

This book was interesting on many levels. The primary one is the way in which the Norse of that century were brought alive. They were presented as brave and adventurous. And at the same time in pursuit of universal needs — land, food, other resources.

Traces of these adventurous people remain – only traces. Enough to form a picture in my mind to go along with the author’s words. A group of men gathered around a smoky fire in a long, low shelter “chewing the fat” both literally and in the more modern sense of the phrase as they recount the hunt, or the journey, or the winter storm.

Check your local library. This volume is from 1965 and may be out of print.

2 thoughts on “My Library Shelf – W”

  1. I can’t count the number of Farley Mowat books I’ve read. Our friend, Carol Holmes, a Canadian, insisted we read his books. Have you read THE FARFARERS? It’s about the Vikings too.

    1. This is the only one of his which I’ve read.
      Actually, I gave it to dad one Christmas and then brought it home (part of a couple boxes of books) when we were picking things from the house.

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