My Library Shelf — A

While drinking a hot cup of tea a few days ago, my gaze lingered on one of my bookcases. (Yes, I have more than one. Writers are readers.) A skim of titles got me to wondering. And then I started a list.

I ask you to join me on an alphabetical list of titles I have enjoyed through the years. It will be a mix of fact and fiction, old classics and newer titles. It would be great it you would find a title or two (or more) to your own liking.

So pour your own favorite beverage and sip as you read my Tuesday morning postings.

A Night to Remember by Walter Lord. Copyright in 1955, this is a detailed account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The author contacted many of the remaining survivors and they were a rich source of information — in addition to other documentation.  My edition includes a plan of the boat deck and the passenger list.

Where to find? On-line retailers, special order at bookstores, or local libraries.

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