Flexible Name

They dub it “Christmas” cactus. It’s best to use that in the broad sense of timing.

This year I have a new plant at my home. The friend of a friend was moving and unable to take her houseplants. So I went into this season without much information or expectations.

But first a step back. A previous plant – featured on this blog at least once – bloomed on it’s own schedule. As early as Halloween and around Valentine Day after a pause.

So consider my pleasant surprise when this new plant opened the first bloom a week before Christmas. And now when I scan the plant for buds, I figure I’ll have a bit of cheerful color in my bedroom well into January.

What’s the timing at your house? Is it a Thanksgiving cactus?                 Christmas? Valentine?

1 thought on “Flexible Name”


    “Christmas”my plant rarely practices.
    It’s color flourishes GREEN.
    It has the leaves of a cactus with rarely pink to be seen.
    Last Christmas it blossomed with spendor.
    I thought it had quit being shy.
    I just saw one blossom, peak around the pot,
    sayin,”Hear I am. Hi”.

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