Caught in the Act

You see the photos all over social media. A cute shot of the family pet before, during, or after a bit of mischief.

Capturing the larger creatures is more difficult. First, you need to be in the right place at the right time. With camera. And be lucky enough for the shutter to open and close at just the right instant.

Back in the dark ages — when I used film — this seldom happened. Yes, my mother, a fussy amateur photographer, taught me to pay attention to the light. And to take two, just to be sure one turned out.

Now I’ve gone digital. For several years now. And I take a lot more photos, get the instant gratification, and often a chance to repeat until I get it right or the subject has moved totally out of range.

And sometimes I find a pleasant surprise when I browse through an album looking for a topic for this blog.

Yes, I did just take a drink. And it was good. Thank you.

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