Orange Pop and Bananas

Happy Birthday, USA.

Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Potato salad. Chips. Watermelon. Soda. Beer.               The list continues with the items served at picnics, bar-b-ques, and family gatherings this holiday.

When I was growing up we seldom celebrated July 4 with the traditional parade, patriotic speeches, or fireworks. This may have been the downside of small farm near small town upper Midwest living.

Often the holiday fell in the middle of haying season. My father would always have the day off from his Post Office job and frequently took a few vacation days as well to accomplish the task. It was weather dependent — most of farming is. So it was a summer work day.

And one year — in the middle of our haying — when we took our afternoon break mother served a treat. Orange pop and bananas. For a family who seldom bought pop (soda) or bananas it made a memorable, impromptu celebration.

Happy Birthday!

Looking good at 241!!!

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