The state. The one in the Pacific Northwest. Please do not confuse with the city 2700 miles to the east and south.

My family has had ties to this state since 1906, when a great aunt and her family moved from Wisconsin to Washington. My personal experience with this state began with a visit in my teen years. Then I lived there for a decade after college. And I’ve returned for a visit again.

Variety is the word I’d pick to describe Washington. East of the mountains, the Cascades, the climate is dry, sunny, and excellent for orchard crops, wheat, and ranching. From the coast to the mountains the climate is wetter, the forests thicker, and sunshine less frequent.

As early as 1792, English naval officer George Vancouver mapped the Puget Sound area. Small, medium, and large islands make residents watchful of the tides as well as the weather. Ferry service is an extension of the highway system.

I’m prejudiced. I think the state is beautiful in every season. But the photo below shows a spring highlight of one of the rich delta regions north of Seattle.

Tulip fields encourage photographers each spring.

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