The Last Frontier. Steward’s Folly. The Frozen North.

While the first of those phrases may be correct, don’t believe the other two. The purchase of the territory from Russia, negotiated by Sec of State Wm. H. Seward in 1867, turned out to be a bargain. And while the region is in the far north, it’s certainly not all frozen thanks in part to the warm waters of the Japanese Current.

I suggest you purchase an airplane ticket for your visit. Or one of the popular cruises. If you insist you may drive, but expect services to be spaced far apart and take your passport since you will enter and exit Canada.

My one and only visit to the state was in 1976 when we went to visit relatives on their homestead. We timed our visit to avoid the long northern nights and limited our exploring in the brush and woods due to mosquitoes and other wildlife. (They grow them large to match the state.)

If you enjoy looking at: mountains, glaciers, wildlife, oceans, whales, fishing boats, or totem poles this belongs on your list of places to go.

Taken on the road from Fairbanks to Anchorage.

Please pass the salmon. Thinking about this place makes me hungry.

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