We turn our footsteps north and enter Oregon. Divided north to south by the Cascade Range, this state has two distinct climates. The coast and western plain is mild and humid (great for growing fruits and vegetables). The eastern portion of the state is high, dry plains more suited to ranching.

The Columbia River forms the northern boundary of the state. Long seen as an important river, the navigational hazards at the mouth (the bar), has claimed many ships through the centuries. Lewis and Clark traveled down the river and wintered in Oregon.

Large numbers of settlers arrived via the Oregon Trail beginning in the 1840’s. By 1848 the area became a territory and statehood arrived in 1859.

Slow down and enjoy the coast. Roll down the windows and take in the scent of the forest. Enjoy some fresh, very fresh, seafood. Or drive east and catch a rodeo.


This peaceful scene is in Salem,

not far from the State Capitol and other office buildings.

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