North Carolina

Three ladies, friends since college, invaded the western portion of this state in 2011.

Early spring in the mountains including watching snow melt on the approach one morning. We also had a delightful time learning with a group collected from several states. We listened to lectures on the Scots-Irish heritage of the area. Learned to appreciate the unique sound of mountain music. Plus, we were given a peek into Cherokee history and culture.

There’s more to this state than we experienced. The eastern coast has a reputation for secluded beaches, lighthouses, and fine resorts. Cities with thriving, modern industry and education comprise the  Research Triangle.

Marine Corps and Army veterans are sure to have either experienced or heard personal stories of Camp LeJeune or Fort Bragg.

Be sure to take your sense of adventure as well as your sense of humor along when you visit.

How to make a North Carolina lake.
How to make a
North Carolina lake.

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  1. I am missing Thressa. “Thanks for another memory”. This is an area I intend to visit again.

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