South Carolina

We travel south, then back to the coast, for our visit to South Carolina.

This state, the eighth to ratify the US Constitution, is rich in history. The Spanish and then the French attempted and failed to establish viable colonies.  More than a century later, in 1670, the English established a settlement. When conditions proved too harsh, they moved it to the present site of Charleston and named it Charles Town after the English King Charles I.

Battles took place within the state in the Revolutionary War and the first shots of the Civil War were fired here. While many of these sites are remembered in parks and museums, the state also has modern agriculture and industry.

My visit occurred in 2006. It was the first of several trips to interesting places with a college friend. Our destination was Charleston and we picked up many interesting facts about history and architecture. Of course we had to visit the beach. It was a charming place at both sunrise and later in the day.


Afternoon surf at Isle of Palms

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