Over the river… (come on, you can sing this)

Over the river is also the only way to get from our previous stop – Washington DC – to the state of Virginia.

The history inside this state is rich and varied. Rivers and seacoast were the early highways of the state. And harbors remain important. The US Navy facilities at Norfolk are some of the largest in the world.

Do you like fine old houses? Then make a point to visit the homes of several of our early presidents. Do you enjoy walking a civil war battlefield? Virginia has many. Or do you prefer a peek at Colonial life in Williamsburg? In the mood for scenery? Drive a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The most recent time I visited this state (aside from an airport layover) was way back when I was a teenager. Thus the black and white film in the camera my parents loaned me for the trip.


On the grounds of Mount Vernon

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