Washington D. C.D

Bonus points. This is not a state. It is a city, apart from any state, created to serve as the national capital.

The original plan was for the capital, Washington City, to be build on 100 square miles of land donated by Maryland and Virginia. Life happens. The current city, District of Columbia, is entirely on the north shore of the Potomac River, land donated by Maryland. An area of 68.25 square miles.

The business of the city is government. Tourism followed and thrives in this city of monuments, public buildings, and museums.

My second visit to the city took place when I was young, hopeful, and eager to live a life which would make a difference in the world. (During the first visit I was very young and my impression of the city was: steps. Lots and lots of steps.) I urge every American to put this on their list of travel destinations.


Yes, the photo really was taken with black & white film.


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  1. I wonder what Road Scholars has for Washington D.C. trips. I went with Thressa on a bus tour in 1966, Your trips were long ago too.

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