Scented Appetizer

Change is in the air. More sunshine and mild air warm the house and urge a creature to explore.

Short, quick trips at first. Test runs. Then, as the sun grows stronger and early plants begin to wake, the flights are longer. And more productive.

Trees are wonders. Buds swell on tiny twigs. Millimeter by millimeter they grow, preparing for their big show. Suddenly, one sunny day, they burst out of their covers and spread delicate white petals out into the air.

Mmmm. Buzzzz. The scent of a spring appetizer fills the air.

Humans admire the abundance and beauty of the ornamental trees lining the sidewalks and drives.

The hive dwellers come for a late breakfast, early lunch, afternoon snack, and pre-sunset dining. Soon the petals will fall like snow in a gust of wind. So this feast needs to be sampled quickly. Then it will be on to the next course, and the next, and the next.


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