A Remarkable Day

According to the records, it happened within twenty-four hours.

Before sunset the party of thirteen – a teacher/prophet/miracle worker and his twelve closest followers – gathered for a holiday meal. The leader taught by example when he washed dust off the feet of the others. They ate their meal. Prayers and a special blessing were placed on bread and wine.

One man left early on an errand. The others went together to an olive grove for prayer and meditation.

Then the arrest. A religious trial. A civil trial. A trip to another government official and back to the civil authorities.

By daybreak a mob outside the courtroom was clamoring for the death penalty. Insults and beatings did not satisfy. The prisoner was escorted to the place of execution.

He suffered. He died. A few faithful followers took his body to a tomb before sunset.

Christians throughout the Western world meditate, pray, and remember this remarkable day Рthe one we call Good Friday. However, you need to stay tuned for the events on Sunday. And again forty days later. And ten days after that. To make the meaning clear and the description truly GOOD.