New Year, New Branch

Library, that is. Actually it was open to the public for a handful of days at the end of 2015, but it you like to round and make it easy to remember — 2016!

The second day it was open I went and checked it out. One incentive — two items I’d requested had arrived.

Everything outside the building is raw, tiny plants and virgin pavement contribute to an “unfinished” feel. This is underscored by the houses still under construction next to the library building.

Inside the feeling of “new” and “not quite done” continues. Signage directs patrons to the various departments. A large, open staircase leads to the second floor. An entire wall of windows plus upholstered seating makes a pleasant place to read a magazine while glancing out at traffic on a busy road.

On my second visit — returning items — I was introduced to an automated return system. One item at a time. Wait for the green line. Wait for the green line — but I thought I did. Conveyor belt takes it away and directs it to similar items for reshelving.

Give me a few more visits to get better acquainted and I think I’ll like it. Yes, the old branch was cozy and familiar. It was also crowded, parking at peak times could be a problem, and electrical outlets for computers were at a premium.

Will it become my "second home?"
Will it become my
“second home?”

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