List, list, and another list

Bet you think I’m a list maker.

You’d be right. But today I’m going to challenge you to be one too.

Make a list — one item counts — of something new you want to do this month.

Got it? Okay, are you going to do it this week? Today? As soon as you finish reading my blog?

When you finish your item, I want you to record it somewhere. This can be an email to yourself or a friend. A word or two on a calendar. Or a portion of a journal entry. Did you enjoy the activity? Do you want to repeat it? Can you use it as a reward when you accomplish a difficult but necessary task?

It’s not too late to make 2016 the year of the NEW THING!

And when it comes time to write the annual holiday letter or review the year as you prepare for New Year’s Eve, you may discover that you’ve had adventures and new experiences to enrich your life.

Best of luck in 2016!

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