Adjusting the Goal

Today an entire year, unmarred by trouble or mistakes lies before us. Fresh. Clean. A chance to start over. Maybe we’ll get more of it right this year.

It’s also a time to set goals. Begin new, better habits.

Did you set goals – or make resolutions – a year ago? How did you you? Do they need some adjustments? Did you make them SMART? That stands for:

Specific : exactly what do you want to accomplish?

Measurable : how will you know when you reach it?

Attainable : does it depend on you? Or can another person block it?

Realistic : this is not the time for me or my peers to resolve to have world peace.

Time sensitive : do you have a deadline?

Think about these. And keeping it positive — I usually begin mine with  “I will…” come up with a goal for 2016. Either an adjustment of a previous goal or something new and shiny.


One example of an adjustable goal.

My goal to share with readers:

In 2016 I will pay off my car loan.

Good luck!

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