Regal Resident

He’s a St. Louis native. At least, he was born here. Has lived his entire life here.

Like many residents, I learned of his birth from the media. They made him a celebrity from the first day. Schoolchildren submitted names. Hundreds, then thousands of visitor went to his home — looking for a glimpse of the new baby.

RAJA. A committee selected his name from the mounds of mail. As the first baby elephant at the zoo in many years he got lots of attention. His birthday cakes were shown on TV — and the destruction they met.

He grew. Became independent of his mother. Moved into the new living quarters and generous outdoor yard of River’s Edge.


He matured. Grew tusks. Fathered daughters. Entertains visitors just being a regular guy.

When planning your visit to St. Louis, be sure to put a stop at the zoo on your list. Admission is free!

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