Harvest Time!

Orchards are in their busy season. Some of them in Northern areas are harvesting their final fruits, closing the roadside stands, and bringing down the signs.

A little further South and you’ll still find a wide variety of apples, pears, and a scattering of late peaches.

What happens in an orchard the rest of the year? What keeps the owners busy the nine or ten months before the fruit ripens? And what about the early years? You don’t plant an apple tree one year and harvest a bushel of fruit the next.

Patience. Off orchard jobs. Patience. Planting and spraying and mowing. Patience. Repairs and painting. Patience.

For a fictional peek at a new orchard in June try Hiding Places. He’s running out of time. She’s running to safety.

Anything can happen in a Big Red Barn.
Anything can happen in a Big Red Barn.

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