Autumn Abundance

More than enough. Amply sufficient. Plentiful.

Any or all of the above could be used to caption this photo.


Piles of pumpkins. Stacks of squash. Cribs full of bright yellow corn are a few of the sights in a typical October. This is the final harvest from the garden. Onions are braided and hung by their long, flexible tops. The canning jars are full and stored on deep shelves in the basement. Potatoes are dug and stored in cloth sacks or wooden bins in a cool place. A trip to the apple orchard results in boxes or baskets of red and green treats to store beside the potatoes.

And a tramp in the woods. My dad would get permission and we’d take an afternoon (before hunting season), grab burlap bags, and got nutting. He knew several groves of butternut trees. At other times and in other places I’ve collected black walnuts or hickory nuts. They’re not easy to crack. But the treat inside adds flavor and texture to baked goods all year long.

Yes, these days I do my harvesting at the supermarket. But the sights of autumn bring joyful, and joy-filled, memories.

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