Take one and pass them down

Keeping a promise. Reporting on breakfast in the library.

Take a pen, and a business card, pass the extras down the side of the table. A brief introduction. An attempt to get a laugh. Displaying my published book while talking about the wide genre of commercial fiction librarians would shelve it among.

The attendees are polite as they nibble pastries and fruit and sip a morning beverage. The smallest group is three ladies, clustered at one end of the table. Other tables are full, nine readers and one nervous author. Questions are welcomed. Some are asked. I even manage to answer a few.

The librarian makes an announcement from the auditorium stage. Our fifteen minutes is up. It’s time to move to the next table and start over by passing out business cards and pens. A volunteer keeps me supplied with coffee and water.

My voice and the event reach the end together. We chat. Encourage people to purchase our books. Or at least to look us up on the internet. People scatter out into a beautiful early fall day.

Speed dating as an author experience complete. Next year I think I’ll attend as a reader.