Knowledge is Key

Yes, Junior, we’re having Kumquats.

He gets laughed about. Ignored. He can’t help it. All of his relatives, the large citrus family, are acidic. But he gets the reputation for bitter. It’s not fair.


Comprehensive cook books will guide you to my use. Wash, boil, cool. Pair me with meat. Or make a nice sugar syrup and simmer me until I fade to translucent. Mmmm — candied. Or continue the process and made a preserve of me. A nice tart contrast to your meat dish.

Oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit get the press. But I’ll hold my own. I’ll hang on tight to my branch until ripe. The kumquats are coming. We’re real. If you laugh too hard I’ll give you a seed to spit.   So there!


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