The Beginning

You’ve heard the advice about a long journey beginning with the first step.

I’d like to back up a little from lifting the foot off the ground and swinging it forward. A thought. A plan. Some preparation. These are good things. Yes, they can be taken to the extreme. It’s been years — at least three — since I started talking, thinking, and planning to re-paint my office/guest bedroom.

About two weeks ago I started to take action by ordering a new baseboard heater and contacting a handyman to install it. And then I set a goal for me. As soon as I finish XX I’ll move things out, buy the paint, and do it.

I have too many things. My children have too many “left overs” stored at my place. And papers! Do I really need to keep every draft of the bad, learning to write, stories? Evidently that was my feeling at one time.

So I’m back from the store – two actually, the first one had paint but not the replacement A/C duct register. Now is the time to get “grubby” (do people still use that word?) and remove dirt, hangers, and wallpaper border.

Progress report next Friday
Progress report next Friday

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