Intriguing Invitation

Color. Scent. Shape.

Today our friend Iris invites pollinators and humans to pause, touch, and sniff.


She stands tall and straight in the late April sunshine. Her bulb friends daffodil and tulip have paved the way. She’s the hardy sort, eager to multiply her bulby roots and thrive without assistance from humans. For several years a family of hers lived in the roadside ditch in front of our home. My brother claimed it as “his garden”. All was well until they regraded the shoulders.

Purple is one of her favorite colors, but some of her friends wear yellows and white. Yes, these are purple, not a true blue. However, I recall them cheerfully supplying the “blue” in the red, white, and blue arrangements at a military funeral.

Don’t you love the shape? The repetition of threes. It’s tempting to bury my nose in the center of the triangle. Perhaps a quick check for bees first?