Holiday Prep

Are you ready? Do you have a fresh red shirt? A new cap?

You’ve got until Monday to get ready for St. Louis’ unofficial holiday.

Confused? This is a movable celebration in early April. No — not Easter.

Home opening of Baseball!

It may be a religion to some.  Prayers will be offered by many. For good weather. Home runs. Double plays. Winning score. But in general it’s a secular holiday.

It does not matter if you don’t have tickets. After all, Busch Stadium has an occupancy limit. And some employers insist you continue doing your day job. Never mind — tune the radio and catch the score at break time — or pull up coverage on the computer and let it run in the background for a quick check now and then.

Today Baseball Tomorrow Summer?
Today Baseball
Tomorrow Summer?

1 thought on “Holiday Prep”

  1. Badgers versus Duke last Monday night, the streets were empty, all eyes and ears of the avid Wisconsin fans were glued to that basketball game.I almost drove off of the road rushing home from church when the game tied. Talk the next day was in mournful tone. But, Wisconsin fans are loyals. The Badger will be back to win more.

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