Boxed – In or Out

The second letter of our living alphabet features Boxwood for the letter B.

Not hedging this Boxwood
Not hedging this Boxwood

The first thought that comes to my mind at the mention of boxwood is a formal hedge, perhaps in a maze. We need to be more generous with our opinions of this evergreen shrub.

First: It’s a large family. My favorites are the traditional green. Other varieties are red or golden leaf. Preferred sunshine amount varies also but in general they like a sunny area or moderate shade.

The grouping above is in need of a trim. They first arrived at this location as tiny tots, perhaps a foot high. Once their roots got comfortable they reached for the windowsill.  A large dose of mulch three years ago gave them a boost.

They are spaced far enough apart to allow other plantings — daffodils, lilies, and annuals for seasonal splashes of color and interest. They also make a nice backdrop for Christmas lights. And after a snow — well, it’s April, I don’t want to see them all trimmed in white again for months. Enough to say they make a pretty picture or memory year round.


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