April and Alphabet

Several of the regulars who appear on my Facebook feed are participating in an A to Z challenge this month. They are taking the 30 days of April, omitting the Sundays, and blogging on a topic beginning with a different letter of the alphabet each day.

I’m not a daily blog person. But the idea intrigued me. So here’s the plan.

Each Tuesday, in alphabetical order, I’ll be posting about a living thing. If I counted right, this will continue until the end of September. Are you ready?

A is for Azalea
A is for Azalea

The optimist in me is looking forward to this year’s tiny, tight buds, growing as well as these did on my patio a few years ago. No pessimists allowed in the garden.

Did you know? Azalea leaves and nectar are toxic. Avoid honey made from azalea nectar. Authors: are you in need of a clever way to deliver a death threat in a story? Gift the future victim with a bouquet of azalea blossoms in a black vase.


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