No, I’m not a Boy Scout. I do believe their tag line, “Be Prepared” is good advice.

I’m a list maker. I think it’s genetic. One son, one niece, and one nephew show the same trait.

A list is one, often the first step, whether it’s written and committed to memory. (As I age, written is showing many advantages.) To actually count as being prepared, however, a person needs to go further than making a list. Following it would be good. Like working through a recipe or a standard operating procedure.

In the photo below, you see some of the results of list making. Everything pictured, including the table, cover, and chair made it on my list of things to have at a local craft show. A bag of misc pins, tape, and pens even proved to be useful to others. And you’ll note my morning dose of caffeine stashed behind the display.

Prepared to meet the public.
Prepared to meet the public.

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