More than One

Saint Louis, Missouri is defined to much of the United States, perhaps the world, by an arch. The Arch as it’s sometimes called in casual conversation. No question among St. Louis residents as to which one you mean.

It’s tall — 630 feet. It’s wide — north and south legs are 630 feet apart.                         It towers over the Mississippi River (thanks to the natural bluff the legs rest on) and the stainless steel skin shines bright on a sunny day.

Contrary to local opinion, it’s not the only arch in town.

Walk into a building created as a place of worship in either the 19th or 20th century and you’ll likely find several. Is the altar area set off from the congregational seating? Look for an arch in the ceiling. Check the windows. And the doors. Decorative carvings on wood or stone. Elegant stitching on banners.

Roman. Gothic. Flat.

I found these simple triangular arch windows repeated throughout a place of worship designed with function, as well as beauty, an obvious concern.



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