Dressed in Layers

Winter in North America. The vernal equinox is still three weeks away. So it’s wise to stay with the advice for the current, cold, season. You heard it from your mother. They repeat it on the weather forecast before every storm or cold front.

Dress in layers!

The number and material in each layer varies. Are you a person that begins with a thin cotton layer and then add a thicker knit or perhaps a fleece and then before stepping outside a quilted down layer? Do you remember a hat? Gloves? Boots?

Some creatures don’t have the same choices as humans. This does not indicate their intelligence. Most of the animals we had on the farm appreciated a shelter from the wind and an enclosed space to trap and recycle body heat as much as the most lauded of rocket scientists.

Once in a while you come upon a creature that exhibits the best of both worlds. Usually with a little help from humans with thumbs.

Winter Layers With a little assist from friends.
Winter Layers
With a little assist from friends.

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