Traditional Art Form

Transient. Temporary. Some art doesn’t last.

A parent with forethought will snap a photo. A sibling will call attention before the destruction begins.

Decorated cakes and cookies are eaten.

Ice sculptures melt.

Another temporary medium is snow. From the hastily constructed snow fort for protection during an afternoon snowball fight to the planned and dyed snow sculptures for winter festivals they share a degree of temporary. (Yes, residents of Boston and other snowy portions of the USA – eventually you will see your yard, park, driveway again. I’m not going to give a date. I’m guessing prior to   July 4.)

The girl in the photo had assistance with her sculpture. Memory says it was dad. The arms are sticks of firewood (we used a wood burning furnace at the time) padded and shaped with snow. The photographer in the family was mother. If the date on the back of the photo is correct — we did this while the brothers were in school.

Note the fashionable snowpants.
Note the fashionable snowpants.

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