How to Tell a Tale

“You could write a book about that.”

A millionaire has a nickel for every time I’ve heard that phrase. Unfortunately, they didn’t give the nickel to me.

I’ve learned a lot from books. The home I grew up in had novels for adults, storybooks for children and an assortment of “How to” books and pamphlets. My current home continues the tradition. Books about how to sew, knit, make candles, garden, and perform home repairs sit next to fiction and non-fiction on a variety of topics.

And then I have a special shelf. It’s the writer in me. And evidently in a lot of other people. Books on how to write books. Yes, I own a dictionary and thesaurus. I even use them. Perhaps not as much as I should…but they don’t collect much dust. And then there are the others – characters, emotions, plots, beginnings and editing. It’s a wonder an author finds time to write with all the books on the writing craft whispering — Read me. Read me.

Writer's Reference Shelf
Writer’s Reference Shelf


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