Post-Christmas Cookies

The parties are over. The resolutions are either hanging by a thread or broken at your feet. The decorations have been put away until next year. Except….

What to do with the candy canes? Packing away to re-use doesn’t seem right. A dozen from the tree or an equal number collected from gift packaging and Santa visits is too many to eat as afternoon treats. Stir and flavor tea? A good way to use a few.

This year I tried something new. With much unwrapping of clingy, static plastic wrap I bared the canes, broke them into chunks, and tossed them in the blender. (I’m sure a food processor would work just as well or better.) Within minutes I had “candy cane powder”. Now for the fun part.

Take a basic cookie dough recipe. I used my favorite chocolate chip one which calls for 1/2 brown and 1/2 white sugar. Substitute the “candy cane powder” for the white sugar, add nuts instead of chocolate chips. Bake and enjoy.

This may become a new January tradition.

2 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Cookies”

  1. As every line was read,
    Taste buds filled with white and red.
    I could taste the undeniable flavor
    of licking that hard cane with savor.

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