Careful which Tree you nibble.

Quick — give a response to the word “Hemlock”.

Did your tongue recoil at the word? Are you thinking poison served to an ancient Greek teacher?

Today I’d like to turn your attention to a larger plant sharing the name. Tsuga canadensis (Canadian hemlock) could be a good addition to a shady portion of your yard — especially if you live in Canada or the northern portions of the United States.

Give the tree a little room and patience. They’ve been known to spread out to 35 feet and stretch upward to 70. Not a good choice near power lines. Your reward will be a pleasant spot of green all year round and seed cones to attract wildlife.

Don’t worry about nibbling on a stray needle or two (or more). The poisonous hemlocks are in the parsley family.

Canadian (or Eastern) hemlock
Canadian (or Eastern) hemlock

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