Controversial Lady

She raised a stir in the neighborhood. Made the newspapers in the entire city.

Perhaps she was ahead of her time. The first edition of a new idea gets the most critiques. I’d like to think she managed to pull a few attitudes forward into the still new twentieth century? After all — isn’t it good to be in favor of truth?

This public statue, honoring three German newspaper editors and the truth that they published was installed when the neighborhood around predominated in first and second generation German-Americans.

Public outrage! I can imagine the scene now. In May and June of 1914 neighborhood mothers walking their children in the park tell the youngsters to turn away and watch traffic on Grand Avenue while they manage a quick look to satisfy their own curiosity.

Statue of the Naked Truth Talk of the Town in 1914
Statue of the Naked Truth
Talk of the Town in 1914

Talk of a smaller town without controversy in Starr Tree Farm and Hiding Places.

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