The Home Team

Be prepared. To sing. To cheer. To stand at a moment’s notice.

A prepared fan arrives early and has ticket in hand for the scanner and bag packed to pass the security check. Then it’s off to study the signs, find the proper section and seat. For thrifty fans this includes a bit of a walk, up ramps and past vendors selling programs, hats, and pennants. Hungry? Thirsty? The scent of popcorn, hot dogs, and beer tickle your senses as you walk past.

One color, one logo, predominates. Small groups and families walk together wearing uniforms of their own making – T-shirts in team colors and khaki shorts on this warm evening.

How far up? Is that why the ticket was half-price? I gaze at the steep steps, pull in a breath of determination, and climb.

Great view! The parking lot within view is busy. The stands are filling. A great night for baseball.

Play Ball!
Play Ball!

Thousands of happy fans later when the home team won.