Life. Fortune. Honor.

When in the Course of human Events…

Have you identified the source of the quote? Today you may hear this document read in a public setting. While the beginning of the second paragraph collects more quotes in the press than the first — the beginning sets the stage and states the purpose.

Now for some facts filled with numbers. Fifty-six men signed this document. It was read aloud in public two days prior to the date currently celebrated. Educated men wrote in a different style two hundred and thirty-eight years ago. The first paragraph contains four commas and seventy-one words. The rules of capitalization have changed. (I see a German influence with their capitalization of nouns)

Kudos to readers that identified The Declaration of Independence from the first seven words. I do believe you paid attention in American History class.

Sincere thanks to the brave men who voted to adopt and signed this declaration. They were risking their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. By their example others joined them in the struggles for Independence and Establishment of a new nation. A nation that in subsequent decades (and centuries) became a haven and destination for peoples from all portions of the globe.

Long May She Wave
Long May She Wave

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