Summer Search

This summer the children, and the adults, have a new game in St. Louis.

Find the Cakes!

In celebration of the 250th birthday of the city. It started as a site for a trading post. It seemed like a good idea to trade for furs and other items in demand in 1764 on the west side of the Mississippi. It was a bonus to be only a few miles downstream from both the Missouri and Illinois Rivers.

The cakes show up at popular, historic, or unusual sites. I’ve only found a dozen or so. But the summer is young. And they hang out in groups. One popular shopping and nightspot district boasts four within a few blocks. Each one wears a unique decoration, suitable for the location.

So far I’m going to vote this as my favorite.

Central Library This cake wears books.
Central Library
This cake wears books.

Searching for books to go with your cake?

Starr Tree Farm and Hiding Places are available as ebook or paperback.