Patience in a Small Package

Spring is rapidly moving toward summer weather. Never mind the calendar. Mother Nature has her own ideas for the American Midwest.

From deep winter to snow-melting season leads to a touch of warm spring. Then, as if to remind us who is in charge, a dial down on the thermostat. The next week it’s up again, then back. On a good year we have a week of perfect spring days spread out over two months.

The houseplants have been moved to summer quarters — under the overhang at the front of my condo. They will get afternoon sun filtered by the oak tree — after the leaves come out. This week it doesn’t matter, even warm afternoons do not include the scorching sun of late July and August.

This little fellow decided the pot edge was a perfect perch. And he stayed very still as I approached, went down on my knee and snapped a shot. He even remained when I stood and advanced another step.

I'm ready for my close-up.
I’m ready for my close-up.

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