Book and Tree

At first glance you may not see much relationship between a book and a tree. Or in the stories I’ll be telling in the next several Friday entries – between evergreens, apple trees, and romance books. Bear with me and I hope to clarify things.

My writing would be categorized as: fiction, romance, suspense, small-town.

The trees featured in this blog are designated by kingdom, phylum, (continue down to…) genus, species, and variety. And while the photos are not exact (I speak of Balsam fir in Starr Tree Farm and the picture is a Fraizer fir) they aim for an idea, not scientific accuracy.

Today we continue the story of the apple tree along my morning walk. The variety is unknown. And if you go back a week or two you’ll see a little uncertainy about tree selection during the dormant season.

Writing is filled with dormant seasons.  I mean the times when on the surface no words are written. But below the surface the roots are seeking information through research and the author plays the mental “what if” game at the oddest times. From questions come more questions and a few answers. Ideas begin to unfold like these tender leaves that only a few days ago protected the future from harsh conditions.

An idea opens.
An idea opens.

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