Compact Conflict

All-American. Blended. One-of-a-kind. Mixed breed.

He’s all of the above. Also Mr. Happy and the fastest tail in the neighborhood. His owner is waiting for him to slim down and then take off like a helicopter one of these days.

He also has a way with the ladies. When he was the “little brother” his outgoing personality rubbed off to make his companion a little less timid. Now he’s become the teacher — and model of exactly what’s permitted at the groomer.

His big conflict surfaces with fellow creatures. The Beagle in him wants to track, sniff, and follow the trail. The Sheltie portion attempts to herd – chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, small children — he’s not fussy.

Life is richer with this bundle of conflicted energy entertaining and teaching.

Track or Herd? That is the Question.
Track or Herd?
That is the Question.


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