Snow and Ice — Very, very nice.

They’re here! The Winter Olympics 2014 Edition.

So much to follow. So much to learn as new events are added. Did you know the ladies ski jumping is new this time? Watch the men (and women) fly.

Ice, ice, ice enables figure skating, speed skating,hockey, and curling. Winter sports moved indoors, away from the threat of wind, snow, or sleet. Watch the contestants glide and turn and race and sweep.

Outdoor sports are not neglected. Bobsled teams compete with two and four athletes per sled. Down the run, up on the outside curves, settling back on the straight and across the finish before the spectators can draw a deep breath. I don’t want to look at luge and skeleton contestants whiz past. Skiing exhilarates and thrills in downhill, slalom, giant slalom. Snowboarders twist and flip on a single small platform. While jumpers soar with perfect form.

And then we come to one of my favorites. A sport with practical, military roots.  This is the biathlon, the melding of Nordic skiing and shooting.  Strength, endurance and accuracy required to perform in this contest that’s difficult to view on television.

Which one is your favorite?  Will a new hero/heroine emerge to garner world-wide acclaim?

Tools of a Future Olympian?
Tools of a Future Olympian?


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