Winter Tracking

Birds. Squirrels. Canines. Humans large and small.

The mechanical treads of automobiles and the maintenance tractor.

The variety of tracks in our snow grows geometrically every day.

It’s something in the air this year. Or lack of something. (Temperatures above freezing.) The fresh white blanket draped over the city by Mother Nature has lingered. It picked up dirt which snowplows exposed when pushing it aside. Trees have shed late leaves and pine needles into its depths. Then, as if doing a little housekeeping — another layer arrives. Parents complain as they make arrangements for another “snow day”. Business owners grumble when customers stay home.

Dogs and children go out to play. They leave their tracks as they practice skills – running, jumping, sliding. Someone has discovered the thrill of using shaped plastic and gravity together. Future bobsledder?


In honor of Olympic athletes — past, present, and future.

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