Retired with Dignity

The camera was a pre-wedding gift from the groom. At times I like to think it was in lieu of the diamond ring he couldn’t afford. It certainly saw a lot of use through the years.

At first it was the only camera. And mother took clear outdoor photos. She was fussy about where her subjects stood in relation to the light and selected backgrounds with interest — lilac bushes, porches, or everyday farm items.

Twenty years into the marriage the camera was joined by newer technology. Dad gave mother a “flash camera”. The photo album now had indoor photos – family beside the Christmas tree was a favorite topic – alongside the photos of summer visitors taken outside with the dependable, older model.

Time continued to pass. Technology continued to progress. No longer was the film used in both cameras popular and easy to find at any corner drug store. The mail order labs stopped processing exposed “Verichrome Pan 620”.

In the early 1990’s I gifted my mother a roll of film and processing from Kodak (the only lab still accepting the film at that time). She appreciated it, took a complete roll of quality photos. And asked me not to repeat the gift.

My fingers are too stiff. I had a difficult time loading and advancing the film.

The camera went into retirement. Into the plain case, next to the instruction booklet. Exactly as it was gifted in 1936.

Thanks for the Memories
Thanks for the Memories

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  1. You should put this blog entry with your camera. That way future generations will know it’s story. Enjoyed this post very much.

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