Flying without Reindeer

“No sneezing on the police tape.”
I turned with a laugh on my lips to the parent instructing the small boy. According to their “house rule” it was okay to cough but not sneeze on the yellow tape forming a large square in the parking lot.
We formed an orderly crowd. I think children outnumbered adults — but it was close. Strollers, pick-up trucks, and strong shoulders offered seating to the youngest. Bright “Santa hats” warmed a few festive waiters.
“What time is it? Last year he was early — we almost missed it.”
“There!” Arms point up into the sky.
He’s coming from the north. How appropriate. My heart reflects some of my excitement. I’ve always been fascinated by helicopters — even when they brought critical patients to the hospital.
No quick response team needed on standby today.
The pilot comes in for a perfect landing near the center of the square. And like a true gentleman, he exits first and goes around to assist his passengers to the ground.

Welcome Santa! Love the modern sleigh!

Not a Reindeer in Sight
Not a Reindeer in Sight

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